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Holidays in mountain accommodations: an active and healthy stay in Romania.

From Bucegi to Fagaras, if you really want to get away from it all, choose a mountain holiday in Romania. Here are our suggestions:

mountain holidays in Romania accommodation

The mountains of Romania offer fabulous views. Deciduous and pine forests, breathtaking mountain slopes, alpine and glacial lakes, small villages, rich in tradition and history, and last but not least, typical food. All this make the Romanian mountains a place of spiritual delight. The people who love the mountain and the nature, will always find here accommodation and rural housing that will delight them and make them return.

After the efforts made at work or after the kids' hard year at school, nothing is better than spending some time in the mountains, relaxing and recharging the batteries relax, to forget even for second the concrete, asphalt and polluted atmosphere of the city. Your pet friends will easily find here accommodations that will be happy to host them and let them enjoy their time into the garden.

Our mountains are an ideal place for practicing a whole range of sports, this may mean simply going for a walk, riding a horse or a mountain bike, or something a bit more adventurous, such as trekking, speology, rock climbing, canyoning or rafting. When you really need to wind down and find some inner harmony, the mountains can also offer first-class spa centres, wellness farms and waterpools.

Choose the ideal accommodation or rural housing from the area where you want to spend your mountain holidays! Click on your favorite area to descover our suggestions!

  • Mountain accommodation in Prahova Valley
    Mountain accommodation in Prahova Valley This is the most popular and frequented mountain turist area from Romania. Located on the valley which is formed by the Prahova river, when is passing through the mountain, forming the limit between southern Carpathians and the Western ones. Passing through the mountains, forms a gorge quite easy, but spectacular, trajectory which developed some of the best known resorts from Roamania: Sinaia, Busteni, Azuga, Predeal. Each of these guest houses has its charm and specific, its cultural or histotical load. For example, Sinaia sheltered one of the royal residences of Romania, and that is the famous Peles Castel.
  • Mountain accommodation Rucar Bran area
    It is one of the oldest roads crossing from Romanian country to Transylvania. Here will be, up to 1368, the first custom house from the Dambovita valley, mentioned in various documents. During the roman domination in Dacia, the transcarpathian road of Bran, gets a definite military and commercial value, being located on the border between the Roman Empire and the occupied territories of the free Dacians. On this road moved the roman legions in order to defend Dacia province from migratory waves, then became one of the corridors that was used for the sheep transhumance from plains, from the south or Danube Delta, up above the mountains, up in the Sibiu area. Athough usually the steps mountain are placed on river valleys, Rucar-Bran corridor has a special structure, varying both on water valley and through various depressions, climbing hills and passing through the keys. If in other circumstances the homes are built on smooth portions of the valley which crosses the mountain, here we will find homes both the valleys and the hills which creates a world apart between Bucegi Mountains and Leaota on one hand, and Piatra Craiului and Iezer-Papusa mountains on the other hand. That makes this a special place with an outstanding beauty....
  • Mountain accommodation in Sibiu and Sibiu Surroundings areas
    Since ancient times of the Dacians, the main occupation on the vast alpine pastures has been shepherding on the Cibin mountains and the Lotru mountains. Here in this regions, where old dacian traditions have blended with the tradition of the hardworking Saxons, gave birth to a special world, a world whose archaism has been preserved until nowadays. The shepherds from here have had an important role in the Romanian history, because the sheeps' transhumance has been going all the time continuously, to and from the romanian teritories from beyond the Carpathians. This way the cultural and commercial relationships allowed preservation of the bonds between romanians from both sides of the mountains. Even under foreign imperial occupation, areas of Sibiu Surroundings were used as an "excange currency", or "prizes" offered by the rulling kings to knezes and other wallachian princes. History made that the Saxons, brought here in the middle of the 12'th century for economic colonization and military defense purposes for the Hungarian's kingdom edge, have brought along with their people some very important rules of behavior which have been and still are a cultural model. Today the area is a place full of villages and fortified churches built by germans, and most of them have been maintained in very good shape by the communities that has remained until today in this region. There are places full of history that you can visit, hear the story of every city or medieval church, by following in the mountains the shepherds' paths which are found in the the valleys of the Cibin Mountains and the Lotru Mountains.
  • Mountain accommodation in Apuseni
    One of the most beautiful mountain area in Romania, an area full of picturesque images, of tradition and Romanian history. The Apuseni mountains are offering landscapes of rare beauty, with a great number of caves, gorge and canyons, and last but not least with gorgeus time forgotten villages, that are still preserving the traditions through centuries. It’s an area with mountains not very tall, but with a landscape sometimes with steep slopes, sometimes with easy hills hills, with long roads but really pleasant for mountain lovers. Padis is the key area of the Apuseni Mountains, because from here you can trekk on the best roads to cover as many places and sights of the Apuseni mountains as possible.
  • Mountain accommodation in The Land of Hateg
    Somewhere in the south-western Romania, on a wide area, not very large though, at the border between Oltenia and Banat, The Land of Hateg is located. It is a picturesque area, enclosed by two of Romania’s most important mountain massives Parang and Retezat. These mountains are extremely rich in lakes, glacial circles, caves, and one can also find here some of the highest peaks in Romania. This land has a great significance not only geographically speaking, but also historically. It is a place that fulfills the interest of all types travelers. It has an exquisite value for geographers, for paleontologists, for historians, for the ones who believe in God and, of course, for tourists. The Land of Hateg is, from a historical point of view, one of the richest micro areas in Romania, as it hosts some of the most important architectural and archeological monuments of the country. The most ambitious hydro energetic projects have been started here, on the Great River of Retezat. The area is also well known thanks to the dinosaur fossils that were found here.
  • Mountain accommodation Olt’s Valley
    The Olt, one of the most important rivers in Romania, has decided to cross an entire plain to get to the Danube, and not even the mountains have been able to ruin his plans, as it broke them up and followed his way unbothered. In his passing through the Meridional Carpathians, it formed an impressing defile through Capatinii, Lotrului and Fagarasi Mountains and through the steep 'teeth' of Cozia and Capatanii Mountains that are guarding the river’s narrow bed at the defile’s exit.
  • Mountain accommodation in Getic Subcarpathians - Northern Oltenia
    SThere are the steps that the Southern Carpathians are using to descend to the Romanian Plain. On leaving the mountain areas to the plains, this mountains with a lower stature are forming, together with the river valleys that are alse descending from the mountains, caves and gorges, dry valleys and canyons. It is an area that offers plenty of hiking into the wilderness, virgin nature and many landscapes that will make you want to come back. It is an area virtually unexplored in terms of tourism, where trained mountaineer can find a huge space for exploration. As you are heading further to the west and you reach the Southen Banat, the climate begins to heat and take sub-Mediterranean flavours, thus favoring the development of flora and fauna very different to other areas of Romania.
  • Mountain accommodation in Buzau Valley
    The Buzau river with the Buzau Valley is the most important running water that crosses Buzau. It is springing from the Ciucas Mountains in the Carpathians Curvature and then reaches and flows into the big Siret river. In the mountain area, the river has very high dynamics, producing important floods that are making the head-lines most of the times.

    In the course of the Buzau river there are two hydroelectric plants: the dam and the accumulation Siriu with the hydroelectric plant at Nehoiasu and the dam Candesti, with the hydroelectric plant Candesti-Vernesti-Simileasca. The Siriu Mountain is the main point of interest for the mountain lovers, and you can also visit the famous Mud Volcanoes in the village of Berca and the old cave churches around the area of Nucu municipality.