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Pibunni Garboavele - accommodation in Moldova

Galati (Galati) - Moldova

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Pibunni Garboavele - accommodation in  Moldova (Surrounding)

Pibunni Garboavele - accommodation in  Moldova (Surrounding)

Located in Forest Garboavele on an area of ??7 hectares, at a distance of 17 km northwest of Galati, the Zoo is in a stage of development and modernization.

Thus, if in 1999-2002 were upgraded spaces for grazing and European wolf, in 2004 was among space for African lion and Siberian tiger, and the village, following that up in 2010 to work on other habitat areas and accessories.

Garboavele Zoo theme was developed in 1997, together with experts from European Association of zoos and Aquaria, and aims at preserving rare animal and conservation education.

Palace of Navigation
Navigation Palace today River station, is certified in the last decade of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, was designed by architect Petre Antonescu. Currently it is the seat of several institutions and Danube Ports Administration Maritime`` `or` Navrom`` Romanian inland navigation company.

"St.. Archangels Michael and Gabriel" "St.. Archangels Michael and Gabriel" was built as a monastery in 1763 by monks from Neamt Monastery. The current church was built by George Sisman, merchant Galati, between 1802-1805.
Burned and sacked in 1821, was restored in 1858, and after 1920 it was used as a parish church until 1976 when he returned to the bosom of the monastery, the monastery for monks and subdued ward.
In the cells of the monastery courtyard were opened in 1832 the first public school courses in Galati.

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