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Accommodation in Lipova (jud. Arad)

 - Romania
There is no result to Lipova . Here are some accommodations in the surroundings that might interest you.

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Rural accommodation at  Pensiunea Patrimara
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Caprioara (Arad)

Pension is situated on the Mures Valley Patrimara, in an area surrounded by forest in the village of Deer, Savarsin village, Arad County.
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  • Traveler rating: (reviews: 2)  
  • Structure: Guest House, Bed and breakfast
  • Accommodation: Bedrooms, Entire facilities - 22 beds
  • Services: Swimming pool, Barbecue in the yard, Playground for children, Terrace



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Rural accommodation at  Continental Forum Arad

Arad (Arad)

  • Traveler rating:  
  • Accommodation: 160 camere



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