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Casa Atti - accommodation in Apuseni Mountains, Valea Draganului

Valea Draganului (Cluj) - Transylvania
*** Pentru Revelion nu mai sunt locuri libere ***

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Casa Atti - accommodation in  Apuseni Mountains, Valea Draganului (Surrounding)

Casa Atti - accommodation in  Apuseni Mountains, Valea Draganului (Surrounding)

Dr?gan-Floroiu Dam

Built in 1987, the Dragan Dam has a height of 120 meters and a volume of 112 million cubic meters.
The dam offers a superb view of those who venture up to the border of Bihor-Cluj counties.

Octavian Goga mansion in Ciucea

Ciucea MansionContact Octavian Goga from Ciucea, Cluj County was the residence of Octavian Goga,
Being the place where he is buried.
The building is part of the historical monuments of the Cluj County.
The area on which it is placed became a museum and memorial house dedicated to the poet Octavian Goga.
In 1966, Veturia Goga offers the Romanian state as a donation the entire complex.
The donation is accepted, and in the summer of 1967 the official opening of the Octavian Goga Memorial Museum in Ciucea will take place.
The museum revives the life of the poet, exhibiting a large number of personal objects or various other pieces gathered from him all over the country.

Bologa Fortress

The Bologa fortress is located in the Bologa village of Cluj County.
An ancient Roman castrum called Resculum is the oldest settlement in the area specified in the documents.
It was erected around 106 DC, as a garrison of Cohort II "Hispanorum," whose mission was probably to defend the Roman Empire's boundary.
As the Romans tried to consolidate the borders, colonists from Greece were brought in the 2nd century AD, it is believed in the Patras area.
The ruins of the castle are visible today in the place called "Gradiste", although most of the area has been used as an agricultural area.
Near the castle there are the ruins of a Roman bath.

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