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Pensiunea sub Piatra - accommodation in Motilor Country, Arieseni

Salciua De Sus (Alba) - Transylvania

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Pensiunea sub Piatra - accommodation in  Motilor Country, Arieseni (Surrounding)

Pensiunea sub Piatra - accommodation in  Motilor Country, Arieseni (Surrounding)

Huda's Papara - distance 6 km-longest cave in the Massif Trascau ranked 31 in Romania (2022 m) is crossed by an underground river. Entry into the cave has a height of 20 meters, surrounded by mountain slopes Bedeleu, surely this landscape generated dragons and dragon legends. Nearby is the Hermitage "Under Stone" over 300 years old.

Posegii Keys - 9 km away, is spectacular geomorphologic ensemble, with steep rocky rises. They meet here some unique plant species in the world. On entering the key is Posaga hermitage, and the exit of the valley known Beliorii reserve ladder to reach Belioara other spectaculoase.Valea flowing through steep gorges is very beautiful. Here you can practice and fishing, especially trout. Along the route you can admire the houses that largely retains the character of a place hundreds of years, some still covered with straw.

Falls of about 50 m high Vinatarea - distance 7 km-high waterfall in 2 steps of 50 m can be seen in a specially designed balcony, steep rocky caves and valleys created by the 3 (V. Ponor, see Clearing v . ESTA) before losing in the wall of over 100 m are impressive. Part of the way through the self can be.

Hermitage Posaga - distance 9 km-nunnery, located on Valley Posegii, small jewel of architecture and sculpture in wood and stone. In the spring near the monastery is considered to have healing qualities. It is located at the entrance keys Posegii.

Monastery in Stone - distance 6 km-convent, located near the cave's Papara Huda, loaded with a history of events with dedicated Cuvioasei Paraskevi. The monastery is Cuvioasei garments and two miracle-working icon. It is surrounded by steep walls of the massive Bedeleu.

Ethnographic Museum of common Lupsa - distance 25 km

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