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Pensiunea 14 Scaune-Casoca - accommodation in Buzau Valley

Casoca (Buzau) - Muntenia

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Pensiunea 14 Scaune-Casoca - accommodation in  Buzau Valley (Surrounding)

Pensiunea 14 Scaune-Casoca - accommodation in  Buzau Valley (Surrounding)
In Siriu
Siriu dam height 122 m, 570 m long canopy, built massive and massive Siriu Podu Horse rock, tailings and clay core, it has formed a lake with a length of 11.5 km., And a volume of 155 million mc. water.
Child Falls - the legend cascade -2 km ..
Poteră surprised the grotto near Cascade, is in danger of being captured, outlaw Gheoghilas dive and swim the little lake lying hidden behind the curtain of water, such escapes.

Waters between Buzau, Krasna and found massive Siriu Siriu with two peaks: mala 1663 m and 1657 m Bocârnea On the eastern slope at an altitude of 1420 m Malaia in the lake Mountains Siriu Eagles or the Bottomless Lake. A lake, two names, two legends

Penteleu Mountains between Little and the basque Basca Great is the largest solid and with the highest altitude 1772 m local access: Teghii mouth, Siriu (following the road of dam technology Ciresu - Surduc)

Tehărăului goal second highest peak 1360 m altitude in the Horse Mountain Bridge, but that went fine landscapes can therefore loc.Tocmai first in 1916, Tehărăului goal was one of the Romanian army fortification points: trenches, ammunition storage hole in the ground are well preserved today.

In Buzau
Geological nature reserve type on about. 30 ha., Mud volcanoes are located in Subcarpatii of curvature in town Berka, Buzau County, was formed due to eruptions of gas from the earth, which antreneza mud and water to the surface.

- Magura sculpture camp and Monastery Ciolanu -40 km;
- Settlements cave-Nucu Alunis -35 km.

Amber Museum was built by residents in the corner in 1973. Ese like a peasant building houses three levels: basement floor and first floor.
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