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Pensiunea Bunica Maria - accommodation in Danube Delta

Mahmudia (Tulcea) - Dobrogea
*** Pentru Revelion nu mai sunt locuri libere ***

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ro A tasty weekend at Grandma Maria ,  29/07/2018


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I spent a few days at the Bunica Maria Guesthouse in Mahmudia. A new, very beautiful guesthouse, endowed with everything you need to spend some wonderful days in the delta. Having babies we left home with his table after us. Upon reaching the pension we noticed that the pension was equipped with 2 baby chairs. The big yard, very beautiful, bb all day wanted in the cradle or see the chickens (they had separate hens in the yard, small chicks, big chickens, guinea-pigs, ducklings) and looked after the cats that came and went to the sun in the yard. The sun that was kind of weary with us. On Friday, on the way to Grandma Maria, between the airport and Tulcea, the sky was cloudy and the sky was black, and it rained when we did not see 10 meters ahead and the temperature dropped to 19 degrees. As we passed the tulcea began to light and we reached the mahmudia we stopped at a supermarket we bought something, very close to the hostel, about 300 meters. Here was the sun and 32 degrees. The second day of Saturday, cool about 23 degrees but wind. My wife wanted the lounge but she did not have much time with her. He managed to enjoy the sun on Sunday. I and my children walk through the yard to the chicken and the yard trees to steal some cherries to eat with the yogurt. (they have a few trees in the yard, cherry trees, peaches, apples, and a goji tree). On Sunday, the weather was ok and there was a boat trip on Lake Gorgova. I was invited, unfortunately I could not go to the water village because of the job, my wife would have wanted but bb was dental eruption and she was crying out of the blue only to calm him. So we spent in the yard walking around, then downhill to the bank of the Danube, very close, I think 200 m, from where you go by boat to walk on the lakes or to the tip or sulina. Boat trips have returned about 3 hours and so, and then we've all been waiting for a meal. I'll talk about the table. Monday morning we wanted to stay at breakfast but bb was very teased with my teeth so I started out early and I did not serve breakfast anymore. The pension is very beautiful, equipped with everything you should spend there for a few days, the nicely arranged room, I used the cold weather in the first evening very hot. The guesthouse is also frequented by many foreign tourists. When we arrived on Friday we believed about 3 German families. The owner of Pension Andrei, a very young, very young, very old, offers you any information you need, advice, what to visit around, how to go where you want to go and what means, plus a very good cook . We came to explain to a family of Germans who came on bicycles and plane, how to get there, they wanted to customs and then to Bulgaria. In the evening we clashed my beer bottles with the German co-owner in the refrigerator, taking me some cold beers in the room and watching the protests in Bucharest against you knowing who he was watching the world soccer championship in the living room. Andrei and his wife irina add the pension and make sure you have everything you need. Let's talk about the delicious fish dishes served at Grandma Maria. The first night I had a fried sleep with a good mujdei and a very good mamaligu. We ate in rush and left in the room because we had to make a bath bb. After about 20 minutes he knocked at Andrew's wife Irina's door, we prepared pancakes but we ran off the table. I thanked and then served them in the room. Breakfast in the morning was of two kinds, either fishing or continental. We have just opted for fishing. I had it, marinated mackerel, over smoked fish, red, pepper, cucumber, a bowl of roe and home-made bread. Very good everything. At noon on Saturday I served a borscht with bacon and fish pickles with mashed potatoes. In the evening, Andrei made out of the pot, a very good fish, with about 7 kinds of fish like he said. And dessert tart with vi .........................
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