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Popasul Dacilor Costesti - accommodation in Hateg Country

Costesti (Hunedoara) - Transylvania

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Popasul Dacilor Costesti - accommodation in  Hateg Country (Surrounding)

Popasul Dacilor Costesti - accommodation in  Hateg Country (Surrounding)

Dacian fortresses Orastie:
Sarmizegetusa - capital of the kingdom if
Dacian fortress Costesti - fortress
Dacian fortress Costesti - Blidaru
Dacian Fortress from Luncani - Red Stone
Dacian fortress at Banita
Dacian Fortress from Capalna

In the interval between his reign and that of Decebal Burebista in cities Orastie Mountains, was created a unique defense system in European architecture. Around these fortified settlements were built sanctuaries, somewhat similar in form, that express a strong religious and prestigious, well-rooted and hardened.

All elements of everyday life in small settlements differ only in some details of other barbarian settlements, seem insignificant against the powerful impact of military and religious architecture of the Dacians, especially in settlements near Hunedoara.

Other tourist attractions in the area:
? Ethnographic Museum Orastie
? National Park Retezat
? Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa
? medieval fortress and monastery Colt Suseni - Rau de Mori
? Dinosaurs Geopark - Hateg
? Castle Santamaria Orlea, sec. XIII, arranged hotel
? Monastery Prislop
? Memorial House Aurel Vlaicu
? Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization - Deva
? Mining Museum in North East
? Park Dendrologic Simeria
? Fortress Deva
? Hunyadi Castle in Hunedoara
? Geoagiu-baths Roman baths
? Roman camp at Cigmau
? Church Densus
? Church Strei
? Cave Cioclovina
? Korea's evergreen oak from Tebea

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