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Casa Paula si Calin - accommodation in Piatra Craiului

Poiana Marului (Brasov) - Transylvania
*** Pentru Revelion nu mai sunt locuri libere ***

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Casa Paula si Calin - accommodation in  Piatra Craiului (Surrounding)

Casa Paula si Calin - accommodation in  Piatra Craiului (Surrounding)

Cave assembly Sinca Veche

Sinca Veche comes to the cult legends and mystery carved in stone. This place has been a byword for "Temple of the Chosen", "monastery hewn in stone" or "Temple of Sinca Veche", a place of silence, the fulfillment of good wishes, but also oaresce paranormal phenomena - in the opinion of some.

Better known as the "Temple of the Chosen" place of worship of Sinca Veche suspects that has existed for about 7,000 years and is believed to have belonged to the same civilization who founded "White Temple" of Snake Island.

Cetataea Rāsnov

Rasnov Citadel is a fortress old farmhouse in the town Rā?nov (Brasov county). It is one of the best preserved peasant fortress in Transylvania and was built in 13-14 centuries by inhabitants of the settlement with the same name, with the main aim to defend against attacks Tatars [1]. Here they were cast multiple frames of film Immortals (1974) directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu.


Bran castle

Bran Castle lies less than 30 km from Brasov, on the road that goes through the old neighborhood Bartholomew linking Brasov deCāmpulung. Bran Castle is built on a rock in a key point strategically. He currently hosts Bran Museum, a museum that spans the four floors of the castle. Museum collections are exhibited ceramics, furniture, weapons and armor, and in the castle courtyard is a small village museum with traditional houses Rucar-Bran region.


Black Church Brasov

The Black Church is evangelical church at the center of Brasov. The building was built around 1380 (probably from 1377) in the Gothic style. The church, originally Catholic, was first known as the Church of St. Mary. The building was partially destroyed by the great fire of 1689, when it received its current name. The Black Church is one of the most representative monuments of the Gothic dearhitectur? Romania.


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