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Casa din Poiana - accommodation in Motilor Country, Arieseni

Lupsa (Alba) - Transylvania

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Casa din Poiana - accommodation in  Motilor Country, Arieseni (Surrounding)

Casa din Poiana - accommodation in  Motilor Country, Arieseni (Surrounding)

Glacier Scarisoara-monument, the cave with the glacier, situated at an altitude of 1200 m, is a rarity in the world. The road to the village starts Girda cave, located on the Aries Valley High to 32km upstream Cimpeni (on DN75). Emerges from the center of the road way Girda bland is reached after about 1 km at the mouth Ordincusa Valley, where the left. Hence there are two variants. The first is the tourist trail marked with red cross and the second new car road for 8 km (recommended experienced drivers - except machinery with low ground clearance).

Ionele's Cave-Located 5 minutes walk from the road on the right side you take from the mouth of the valley Ordincusa (together with the road to Glacier Scarisoara - see above). Large and impressive hall is easily accessible. With a bit of climbing up a steep 3 meters longer goes to the underground lake. To visit the rest of the cave 2 km is needed caving equipment.

Huda Huda's Cave of Papara-Papara is the most important cave in the mountains Trascau. This is 5200 m long and 123 m unevenness is especially spectacular formations found here thanks.
The cave has an underground water course and some rooms that are the main attractions such as: Hall, Fan Casacada, Virginia Hall, Country dwarfs. Easy Access to the cave entrance.

Coltesti-medieval fortress city of Coltesti was built over the ruins of the Roman camp. It can be reached by taking the DN75 in Buru right to Ramet, city standing at about 10 km from this intersection.

Lupsa Monastery-Located in our neighborhood, the bifurcation from DN75 where to reach us, the monastery is a place of pilgrimage Lupsa well known and appreciated.

Posaga-nunnery monastery located on Posaga valley, known for the nearby spring called "Healing Spring". It's a real gem carving wood. It was founded in 1935 by parish priest in the village of Lower Posaga, Fr. Alexander Rujdea.

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