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Pensiunea Alin - accommodation in Oltenia

Filiasi (Dolj) - Oltenia

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Pensiunea Alin - accommodation in  Oltenia (Surrounding)

Pensiunea Alin - accommodation in  Oltenia (Surrounding)

Based on natural and socio-economic fund Filia?i city have outlined a series of natural and anthropogenic resources with tourism potential worthy to enter the tourist circuit.

The church "Saint Dumitru"
Objective of worship that link Orthodox holiday "Holy Great Martyr Demetrios the Myrrh '. Organization day is dedicated to the patron Filiasi Sfânul Dumitru church on October 26.
Roman camp Lower R?cari

Located 6 km southwest of Filia?i, attesting objective strategic importance of the area by Roman rule, spanning Drobeta, where the famous architect Apollodorus of Damascus built the bridge across the Danube to Dacia connection with the empire, and scored a great page of our history.

Monastery Gura Motrului
Built by Matei Basarab, religious objects with historical resonance. Here he stopped and took shelter Tudor Vladimirescu and his pandurii revolutionary march to the capital. In the vicinity of Filia?i, Tantareni, another stop of Tudor Vladimirescu is marked by a marble plaque on which was recorded the event.

Chapel Filisanu

Chapel Filisanu family tomb in the city cemetery marks squire Filisanu I. Demetrius, a leading figure in the community filias spiritually and socio-economic. Chapel subsidized by Dimitrie Fil?anu was designed after a French model and is built by an Italian architect, many of the materials coming from Italy. The chapel is a unique architectural monument in the country, to be cared for, representing a significant objective manifestations of religious Orthodox rite.

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