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Pensiunea Randunica - accommodation in Prahova Valley

Brebu Manastirei (Prahova) - Muntenia

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Pensiunea Randunica - accommodation in  Prahova Valley (Surrounding)

Pensiunea Randunica - accommodation in  Prahova Valley (Surrounding)
Brebu architectural complex - was designed as a resting place of Prince Matei Basarab well as fortification. It consists of the royal houses, church, bell tower and the enclosure wall. It seems that construction work started by royal houses and the wall of defense, Ascension Church from the spring of 1641 and ending in the summer of 1650. In any case the whole architectural ensemble is completed only in 1690 during the reign of C. Brancoveanu (1688-1714).

Matei Basarab Church - located in the village Brebu hearth, near the river Doftana, church of the monastery is built on a plan triconical with a tower on the nave and two smaller on the nave walls two feet in thickness.
Only decorations are two registers and a girdle of stone alcoves at the top, as well as incadramentele doors and windows, which are made by master Lupu, the models reproduce the late Gothic Moldovan. Interior decoration is the nineteenth century (1843) with restoration of temple and altar painting, famous opera Hentai Sava, between 1901-1902. Researchers say that in 1650 the works were completed monastery. It is certain that this monastery, dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Azrael was functional in 1641.

Brebu Monastery - one of the most important architectural achievement of the reign of Matei Basarab and Romanian art of the eighteenth century.

Brebu Lake - Lake Brebu is in the village, behind the monastery and former Royal Palace, built by Matei Basarab in 1654 - which today is found in the Palace Museum of Art.

Lake appeared dip, probably after 1644 and `` is `` nested in a depression formed by dissolution of gypsum or salt, as geologists say.

Brebu Park - is located on the southeast side of the lake. It was decorated around 1900 by Ghika and became `` a `` domain owner monastery.

The park includes a forest of conifers and deciduous trees on the lake and to the monastery and village.

Breb key - considered a natural monument, shaped like a key Breb trapezoidal openings cut by a rock Doftana conglomerates.

This monument was and is a tourist attraction on the Sava Hentai painted 100 years ago.
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