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Pensiunea Liana - accommodation in Muntenia

Bughea De Jos (Arges) - Muntenia

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Pensiunea Liana - accommodation in  Muntenia (Surrounding)

Pensiunea Liana - accommodation in  Muntenia (Surrounding)

Bradetu Church-monument, was built in 1733.

This is one of the most monumental achievements in architecture and exquisite sacred wood in Transylvania, which undoubtedly served as a model of wooden churches in the Lower Valley, Rieni, and probably others in the area Ghighiseni, now extinct.

Ravens-Ravens Monastery of Stone by stone, a cave church, pagan sacrificial altars, the city of Dromichetes and other traces of a fabulous past. On the other side of the river rock seen Lady Lady, and next above, if you can come into the mountain.
The monastery church is carved in rock (sandstone). Near the church, dug all the rock, lies the monastery, the monastery dining room, a space carved in its turn to rock, which tradition says was used by Neagoe as outdoor courts to make judgments public. It is situated 400 m from the village center Corbi, left bank of the River Lady (Arges county). This town is mentioned as the birthplace of Corvin. Currently there is still seen in the castle ruins Voicu, father of John Corvin. Ravens rock church of Stone wall was dug in solid rock, about 30 m high and 14.5 meters long
First document is on 23 June 1512, but there is certain information according to which the church existed before that date.

Upper Bughea Resort complex (located 7 km from the board).
Voina mountain resort (located 18 km).
Trout-oldest in the country, founded in the interwar period (located 14 km).

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