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Casa Domneasca - accommodation in Fagaras and nearby, Muscelului Country

Curtea De Arges (Arges) - Muntenia

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Casa Domneasca - accommodation in  Fagaras and nearby, Muscelului Country (Surrounding)

Casa Domneasca - accommodation in  Fagaras and nearby, Muscelului Country (Surrounding)

Arges Monastery

or Master Manole, creative effort and that comes from the soul, the legend and truth, rose stately and proud, dignified and strong impressing the proportions and ornamentation. Her creation fame attracted many Romanian and foreign travelers who fascinated by the beauty and perfection of the building said, "and to include it in one word, this church is a gem" (Paul of Aleppo). Monastery necropolis of the first kings of Romania (Carol I and Queen Elisabeth, Ferdinand I and Queen Mary) is located in a park arranged artistically, into which the statue of Neagoe (1512-1251), founder of the monastery.

Fagaras Mountains

part of the Carpathians chain. They cover the entire range of Dambovita complex (east) and River (west). There are two mountain ranges, one north and one south. Between the two strings are Lovistei corridor known as the West Country Lovistei. Northern Syria appears as an uninterrupted increase in east-west direction. The southern waters fragmented, its main components Mts Iezer doll Ghitu, Muntisoru-brow and tails. The most common meaning used and tourism geography through Fagaras Mts means only main chain north.

Princely Church (XIV-XV)

of Curtea de Arges - the oldest set of feudal art was conceived as building religious and royal crypt.

Princely Church Museum Complex

is located in Curtea de Arges, ancient cradle of Romanian civilization on a platform surrounded by low walls.

Potters Church (XVII)

Curtea de Arges, has a picturesque, rural, combining architectural elements of wood and brick, with a ship-shaped plan and sticking to building belfry; is perhaps the only church in Romania in which death is painted on the exterior walls.


Monument Electricity


Hermitage Robaia

Museum of Ethnography Musatesti

The whole cave Corbi

Monastery Namaiesti

Manstirea Aninoasa

Monastery Slanic

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