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Pensiunea Camping Poieni - accommodation in Maramures Country

Sapanta (Maramures) - Maramures

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Pensiunea Camping Poieni - accommodation in  Maramures Country (Surrounding)

Peri Monastery is located near the village Sapanta. It is a monastery tradition, founded on the time rulers Dragosesti the Hermitage, which wore an old patron Saint Michael Arghanghel.

Balcu ruler and then drag (Dragos Voda's grandchildren) have given the monastery grounds and assets so that in 1391 built a stone church. This is raised to the rank of Patriarchal Stavropighie with jurisdiction over the churches in eight provinces for 312 years and had his headquarters here Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Maramures. During this period Sapanta-Peri served as the residence of many bishops including Joseph Stoica, later canonized by the Holy Synod in 1992 with the name of Saint Joseph of Maramures Confessor commemorated on 24 April.

Merry Cemetery, is considered a true open air museum. Located in the village, the parish church, the museum comprises eight monuments of folk art. Created in 1935, became unique, because John craftsman Stan Patras.

Since 1934, the master put an epitaph on the crosses many graves, a short poem in first person, slightly ironic, thus giving new meaning to death. Each cross is a representation made in vivid colors, which narrates life the deceased and even cause death. Creator of the cemetery had to humor his own epitaph composed and carved and painted cross that marks his grave now.

Currently, the crosses are made by Ion Stan Patras master followers. Over the more than 70 years, the cemetery gathered more than 800 painted crosses.

House Master - more specifically, the memorial house Ioan Stan Patras - a building about 200 meters from the Merry Cemetery, on a side street.

It consists of a house with two rooms and the courtyard is the workshop of master sculpture and painting but also made it crosses.

In the museum you can admire costumes specific to the Sapanta, handicrafts (rugs, carpets, pots of clay, icons, wood tabouri made by Ioan Stan Patras) and pictures of his family.

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