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Pensiunea Eden - accommodation in Danube Delta

Crisan (Tulcea) - Dobrogea

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Pensiunea Eden - accommodation in  Danube Delta (Surrounding)

Pensiunea Eden - accommodation in  Danube Delta (Surrounding)

Fishing village origins, Crisan has seen a rapid development due to its privileged just the circulating channel, Sulina, frequented by merchant ships as well as those of tourism and leisure.

Three large meanders of the river come together here, they are all ways of access to some of the original columns of the Delta: the south Caraorman, Puiu Lake and Red Lake and north, on the banks of the Danube old arms, to Mile 23 or to the village and forest Letea.

Crisan today is undoubtedly an economic potential, especially tourism, of the importance of waiting to be exploited in all its valences.

ENISA-Jurilocva 17 km from here and have found traces of Thracian settlements and ciency ciency.
Troesmis fortress-village 3 km from Thracian fortified Turcoaia Getic mentioned in sec. BC III during the military conflict between Lysimachia-Dromichete.
Fortress Noviodunum-Isaccea - Roman-Byzantine city with Celtic names, built in 369 AD
Fortress Arrubium-ground - settlement with Celtic names, mentioned in documents in 100 AD
Dinogetia-Garvan city - her name was first mentioned by Ptolemy in his famous work "Geographia".

Other historical sites: the ancient city, Chilia Veche (the Greek antiquity existed then was ruled by the Byzantines until dry. X) Salsovia Byzantine fortress.

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