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Pensiunea Anca - accommodation in Danube Delta

Crisan (Tulcea) - Dobrogea
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Notes: All prices are approximate and may vary.
  • Single season
from 01/01 to 31/12
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Camera dubla matrimoniala
(2+0 Beds)
Room only 140.00 lei - - Per person

Description : Double bed, En suite bathroom, Refrigerator, Air conditioning
Camera dubla twin
(2+0 Beds)
Room only 140.00 lei - - Per person

Description : En suite bathroom, Refrigerator, Air conditioning
(4+0 Beds)
Room only 140.00 lei - - Per person

Description : Double bed, En suite bathroom, Refrigerator, Air conditioning



Pension Anca invites you to spend a stay of 3 nights / 4 days in the Danube Delta Day I - Transfer of guests from Murighiol to Cri?an (Route - Sf. Gheorghe Branch, Uzlina canal, Uzlina lake, Isac canal,
Isac lake, Isacel canal, Litcov canal, Lung canal, with exit on Sulina Arm reaching Crisan at the pension,
a route with a beautiful landscape, with colonies of birds, water lilies, etc., in about 2 hours. - At the exit from Murighiol at the pier there are 10 paid parking lots well guarded, fenced, with surveillance cameras and guards
at the price of 10 lei / day / car - we recommend parking at the old Cherhanaua around 12.30 - 13.30 - lunch - fish borscht, fried fish with polenta and mujdei (or other poultry, pork, beef, etc.)
+ desert. -dinner - grilled mackerel with lemon and natural potatoes (or other fish dishes, poultry, pork, beef, etc.) + dessert. - evening - various activities: nature walks, board games, rummy, chess, cards, etc. Day II - breakfast - trip to Mile 23 (boats for 5-9 people with qualified guide) with a chain of lakes and canals (Old Danube, Bogdaproste canal,
Bogdaproste lake, Trei Iezere canal with La Amiaza lake and Trei Iezere lake, Cazanel lake, Radacinos canal, Radacinos lake, Eracle canal,
visiting the Stipoc monastery (SF. Atanasie Hermitage) a small paradise in the middle of the Delta, a kind of oasis where you can recover after a hot day
summer, with a stop on a terrace at Mile 23, visiting the locality, etc.), with a wonderful landscape, with various species of birds, (pelican colonies,
cormorants, swans, etc.) white and yellow water lilies in about 4-6 hours. - lunch - fish fish borscht (or peasant coconut borscht from your own farm, carp brine with polenta (or fillets from fillets
sleep), (or other poultry, pork, beef, etc.), dessert. (for children or those who do not eat fish we have various dishes of poultry, pork, beef, etc.) - dinner - various fish dishes (or chicken legs on a tray with rice garnish with Mexican legumes, cabbage salad, (or grilled neck
with pickles div. etc.), or other various fish dishes, poultry, pork, beef, dessert. - Evening - various activities - backgammon, chess, rummy, books, etc.
Day III - breakfast - trip to Letea Forest - (Boats 5-9 pers. with qualified guide) trip a route with a wonderful landscape, (walk through the Forest
to the sand dunes), Sarat lake, wild horses, walk and visit Letea locality by carriage, for a fee of 25 lei pers (20 lei for groups
of over 10 pers) (children up to 5 years do not pay) who pay the cart) a typical Lipovan village, a trip of approx. 4-6 hours or at
choosing a trip through several lakes such as: Obretinul mic lake, Obretinciuc lake, Litcov canal, Lebedelor lake, Iacub lake, Capcicova lake,
Zapatna lake, Crisan canal - with a wonderful landscape, colonies of birds, water lilies, etc. - lunch - fish bag of fish (or chicken soup or beef), prepared from various fish (or Moldovan tochitura with polenta,
etc.), (or other fish, poultry, pork, beef, etc.) dessert. - Dinner - various fish dishes (or grilled pork neck and cutlet, grilled pork sausages) or other fish dishes
various, poultry, pork, beef, etc., dessert Evening - div. activities - backgammon, chess, books, rummy, etc. Day IV - .........................
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Available services

  • Heating (Included)
  • Hot Water (Included)
  • Electricity (Included)
  • Daily cleaning service (Included)
  • Weekly cleaning service (Included)
  • End-of-stay cleaning (Included)
  • Daily change of linen (Included)
  • Weekly change of linen (Included)
  • Use of laundry room (Included)
  • Extra bed (available upon payment)
  • Wireless internet connection (Included)
  • Breakfast (Included)
  • Meal (available upon payment)
  • Parking (Included)
  • Pets allowed (Included)
  • Air conditioning (Included)

Services not available

  • Cot
  • Barbecue