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Casa Pescarus - accommodation in Danube Delta

Sulina (Tulcea) - Dobrogea

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ro Ms ,  11/07/2017


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Accommodation was under any criticism! I had cockroaches, fleas, limax! The lady that hosts, apparently very helpful, recommended that we also make excursions with an acquaintance of the dancing. That person, who is sure that he is a son, nephew, etc., has asked us for the double the price that is practiced throughout Sulina. The lady "cleanses" the morning in the rooms to be rented. This cleaning, among other things, consists in placing the carpet on the table in the courtyard where it is eaten and brushed without too much enthusiasm! I saw it with my eyes! Garbage is not changed at all, this is what you need to do. It goes right to the gate, where dirty hygienic paper goes away. So, when you pass by the gate, you get a smell ... The toilet has crashed as soon as we arrived! The shower curtain is believed to be 20 years old, just like the rusty battery, probably a veteran of war! The sheets were not changed, the extremely dirty cocks, a lunar dust over the furniture, probably inherited from grandparents! I'm sorry I chose this accommodation! Note 1 out of five is too big!
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