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Vila Doriana - accommodation in Black Sea

Vama Veche (Constanta) - Dobrogea

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Vila Doriana - accommodation in  Black Sea (Surrounding)

Vila Doriana - accommodation in  Black Sea (Surrounding)
Histria - Vasile Parvan was discovered in 1914. It is dated in sec. BC VII and worked up in seconds. VII p.Ch. It is the first Greek colony on the western shore of the Black Sea and is the oldest city in Romania.

SOLID KEY - on the left side of the valley Casimcea, key in the village, there is massive key. Reserve occupies an area of ??285 hectares and houses about 565 rare species of flora.

Techirghiol Lake - Located near the village of the same name, the reservation is represented by the most extensive salt lake in our country, with an area of 10.7 sq. km. Due to high salinity, the lake is populated by a microfauna adapted to saline environment, represented by bacteria, algae, insect larvae, crustaceans, plus more than 124 species of birds. Techirghiol western extremity is rich in freshwater springs.

Cave Mouth Dobrogea - Near the village Limanu on the right road Gura Dobrogea - Vistorna found Limanu reserve that includes caves, bats and to Adam. The largest cave in the Valley Casimcea is Bat Cave, which has a length of 480 m, where they discovered the remains of more than 20 fossil species.
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Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Diving