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Pensiunea Carpathia - accommodation in Apuseni Mountains

Remeti (Bihor) - Crisana

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Pensiunea Carpathia - accommodation in  Apuseni Mountains (Surrounding)

Pensiunea Carpathia - accommodation in  Apuseni Mountains (Surrounding)

Cave is located 86 km from Oradea, DN 76. It was discovered accidentally in the late 1970s, in the marble quarries of Chiscau mountains at an altitude of 482 meters. Cave name comes from the fossilized remains of cave bear (Ursus Spelaeus - disappeared about 15,000 years ago), which were discovered here.

Scarisoara cave is situated at an altitude of 1200 meters, near the village of Garda, Scarisoara cave is famous by the glacier that it shelters within its limestone cliffs.

Wind Cave, situated on the left bank of Repede is the longest cave in Romania.

Cave Meziad Speleological reserve located in Forest Mountains, one of the largest caves in Romania.

Saritoarea Bohodeiului (near stones), with a height of 80 m, is the third largest waterfall in Romania.

Repede keys (in Forest Mountains) - This reserve includes 11 caves.
Other waterfalls: Bulbuci waterfall - 40 meters high, in the Bihor Mountains, Devil's Mill Falls - 20 m tall.

The guesthouse is situated only 1km from Spring Valley barges drift Lesu Lake 4km, 7km Munteni Dam, 14 km Bulz Dam, Lake Dragan 16km, 3km Natural Bottomless Lake. About 15 rn is Iadolina Falls, Saritoarea Iedutului. At about 38 km you can visit Casa Menoriala Octavian Goga, 20 km reach Repede Gorge area with caves (Wind-longest in the country), sinkholes, gorges. . . . Resort Stana de Vale, Vadu Crisului Suncuius, Vladeasa Valley Dragan Padis Scarisoara Cave, Meziad, is starting distances of 20 km and up to about 75 km.

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