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Casa Eco - accommodation in Baile Felix

Baile Felix (Bihor) - Crisana

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CASA Eco is the only ecological house in the area! It is located in the middle of the distance between Baile 1 Mai and Baile Felix which allows easy access to either of the two resorts. You have approx. 400 m to the Venus pool in Baile 1 Mai and approx. 500m to the big pool or the Apollo pool in Baile Felix.

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+4.0771.344.591 +4.0359.889.621 +4.0751.083.017

Do not forget to mention when you call.
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Structure and accommodation

Type: Guest House
Setting: Hills
Accommodation: Bedroom
Type of accommodation:
  • Room only
beds: 9
Closed: Always Open
  • Horse-riding
  • Playground for children
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Internet
  • Barbecue in the yard
  • Terrace

The house is built on a wooden structure, with ecological materials
The rooms are spacious and airy
We have generous terraces on both sides of the house where you can dine and where you can hear the wild pheasants and you can even see them in their natural environment, you can still see deer, so close to people.
The water is from its own fountain
Drinking water is filtered with a purity of 98%
The hot water is heated with solar panels (and with the cold season power plant)
The sewer is connected to the sewer network
The mattresses are made of natural coconut fiber and natural rubber. Sleep is very restful. The cleaning maintenance materials are special and ecological.

The air is clean because we have a deciduous forest nearby (many linden trees) in Baile Felix

It is the peace much desired by all who live and work in cities - it is a dream that can become a reality if you come to us


-for those who come with small children they can bring their own cribs because they have a place to install it ( we also have a crib for small children) -for those who want to do outpatient procedures at the famous recovery hospital Baile Felix nearby, they need a referral ticket from the family doctor and adv de pl cas company / pension coupon

-you have at your disposal barbeque (barbecue and kettle), teambuilding activities

-riding -riding / leisure walks at about 1km

- car parking provided

- adventure park for children at about 3km in Betfia village (road access)

-at about 30 km from the baths you can see bison in their habitat (road access)

! !!NEW !!! FISHING LAKE for sports enthusiasts with a fishing rod at about 12km



! !!!!! you can pay with HOLIDAY CARD !!!!!!!!!!!!! SODEXO / EDENRED / ROMANIA


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How to reach us

How to reach us:

Address: Str. 1 Mai nr. 61 - Baile Felix, Bihor

GPS Coordinates: Lat. 46.98962081 Lon. 21.98226928

+4.0771.344.591 +4.0359.889.621 +4.0751.083.017

Do not forget to mention when you call.
Many accommodations offer discounts and free gifts to users