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Cabana Cetatile Ponorului - accommodation in Apuseni Mountains

Pietroasa (Bihor) - Crisana

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ro Ideal for expeditions in the ... ,  01/07/2014


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The accommodation and meals were very good, the entire staff is made up of family members of people willing to provide excellent stay in this wonderful zona.Cetatile Ponor can be done easily in less than an hour or an hour? Quarter and even and by Tourists younger varstnici.Nu speak for 45 minutes as it is a piece of ureche.La end of June, the cold, with the fall rains, we were given hot calorifere.Apa heat is permanently . accommodation only downside is the price, which is pretty big, 64 lei / person / noapte.Preturile table are very correct and dishes and portion size is more than plentiful, let alone smile and caring Mrs. (something older?) responsible for bucatarie.Singurul accommodation drawback is low light is not connected to the electricity grid cottage is electric wall energie.Lampa economy is hung too high in the room as you dare to read something, especially if you got rained a few days in a row, as we caught myself and wife mea.Exista TV instead, where they could watch the matches of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the cabin was 2014.Recomandam administrator arrange a terrace outside, possibly in extension lodge restaurant too hidden from those who pass by the cottage, and those who are staying in it and would like to stay in front of the chalet clean air afara.In should also be located a map with recommended routes departing and returning to cabana.Lucru rare in Romanian tourism, departure receive a tax receipt for services that were paid.
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