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Pensiunea Dornelor - accommodation in Vatra Dornei

Vatra Dornei (Suceava) - Bucovina

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Pensiunea Dornelor - accommodation in  Vatra Dornei (Surrounding)

Pensiunea Dornelor - accommodation in  Vatra Dornei (Surrounding)

Karst area of rare - which is important both primary objective "Lady Rocks" and other targets less known, such as sinkholes underneath the top Rarau and the Todirescu, Bat Cave, sectors keys Valley house (Mill Devil) and the White Spring (Stone Buhei), abrupt collapse of the Popchilor rare.

SLATIOARA CODRUL forest reserve - comprises the oldest forest of beech wood mixed with the country;

Fortress of Stefan cel Mare, emblematic monument of central sucevenilor.Partea, "Fort Musatin" 40X36m belongs to the reign of Petru Musat I, who dropped the use of Scheia fortress. Alexander the Good strengthen, but the one will give a legendary invincibility is Stefan the Great. It will rise in two stages exterior walls will redesign defensive moat and entrance into the city. Well defended, it was able to successfully resist the great Ottoman siege of 1476, when Mohammed II himself, the conqueror of Constantinople had to recognize his defeat.

SALINA Cacica - unique on a national scale through the chapel "St. Barbara" (built in 1904 to 27m deep) dug in massive block of salt. Here we find the little lake brine, at -38m and -44m hall festivities. Salina starts to become attractive due to existing salt deposit is discovering archaeological remains from the Neolithic here with the same meaning multimillenary ancient salt exploitation on an industrial scale.

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  • Local cuisine
Wellness and fitness:
  • Hydro massage
  • Sauna / turkish bath
Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Nature Reserves
  • Museums and galleries
  • Artistic and historical sites
  • Churches and monasteries
Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Hiking
  • Fishing