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Cabana Valentina - accommodation in Gura Humorului

Manastirea Humorului (Suceava) - Bucovina

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Notes: All prices are approximate and may vary.
  • Single season
from 01/01 to 31/12
Board type
Per night
Per W-E (2 Nights)
Per week
Price indicates
Camera dubla
(2+0 Beds)
Room only 130.00 lei 260.00 lei 910.00 lei Bedroom

Description : Double bed, En suite bathroom, Television
(4+0 Beds)
Room only 250.00 lei 500.00 lei 1750.00 lei Flat

Description : En suite bathroom, Television

Available services

  • Set of bathroom towels (Included)
  • Extra bed (available upon payment)
  • Wireless internet connection (Included)
  • Barbecue (available upon payment)
  • Satellite television (Included)
  • Breakfast (available upon payment)
  • Meal (available upon payment)
  • Parking (Included)
  • Pets allowed (available upon payment)

Services not available