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Casa M&R Darabani - accommodation in Bucovina

Darabani (Botosani) - Bucovina

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Casa M&R Darabani - accommodation in  Bucovina (Surrounding)

Casa M&R Darabani - accommodation in  Bucovina (Surrounding)

Reserve Tudor yew
Located in the Big Hill area - Tudora at an elevation of 550 m, shows species-species rare yew trees for our country (very hard woods).

Reserve was established in order to preserve this tree Taxus baccata declared a natural monument throughout the country. It is a tree that adapts the specific conditions of a subarctic Siberian taiga, yew reserve is situated on a canyon called Canyon Bahlui which is carved in limestone and sandstone biogenic vertical erosion.

Dacian fortress of Stancesti
The city was dated VI-III centuries BC and is one of the most impressive Geto-Dacian period hallstadtiana of Moldova.

Fortress 1 covers an area of ??approximately 40 ha. It is surrounded by a strong wave of land measuring about 3-5 m today, outside and at the bottom with a deep moat of 2.5-3 m with a crest width of 2-3 m and the base about 12 to 15 m To the east of the ground wave input is terminated leaving a 3-4 m wide, perhaps the main entrance in this city. On the southern side is preserved ruins of a tower in the city. The area is currently arable land, cultivating it especially corn.

Fortress 2 covers an area approximately equal, to the south of the fortress one, and is also surrounded by an impressive wave of land about the same size. Surface fortress 2 is now forested.

St. Nicholas Church, King - Botosani, founded by Stefan cel Mare dates from 1496 and has interior paintings of great value and original character. It was located in a strategic position determined by the imminent invasions of Botosani fair wealth attracted enemies. For this reason, the actual building of the monastery were added durable walls and a watchtower, giving it the appearance of a veritable fortress. The fašade of the building is made of strips of enameled brick and ceramic discs colored ornaments with geometric motifs and heraldic fauna and interior painting dates from the fifteenth century.

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