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Casa cu Meri - accommodation in Hateg Country

Poiana Marului (Caras Severin) - Banat

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Casa cu Meri - accommodation in  Hateg Country (Surrounding)

Casa cu Meri - accommodation in  Hateg Country (Surrounding)

-Walks near peniunii refreshing and edges and Sucu Bistrita
-Hiking in the mountains and Mount Small Tarcu
Trout-fishing on the lake or mountain rivers
-Mountain bike, bike trails
-Water sports on Lake Maru
-Trips to Mount Mic

Pen Mountains - Mountains pen is for this glacial feature. From here start Peceneaga Valley Stone Valley, and the upper mountain ice buckets have some very interesting that pit Caleanului, boilers Suculetului, boilers Caldarea Spring and moved. All these form some closed areas with specific flora, fauna and even small differences in climate.

Meadow Lake Marului - is a suitable location for the beach, swimming and water sports or boating.
It is also very popular for fishing enthusiasts can catch many species of fish: carp, trout, chub, bleak.

Hermitage Poiana Marului-this monastery was founded at the initiative of the parish priest and the faithful of Dorel happily Maru parish before the 1989 Revolution. The works were stopped due to opposition started the communist regime but with the re-establishment of Episcopacy in 1994 with the blessing worthy of remembrance Episcopu Emilian Birdas Caransebes were resumed foundation works that broke down soon for lack of funds. Resumption of monastic monastic building resumed in 2000 when with the blessing of Father Lawrence Bishop Caransebes have started works to raise church monastery, completed two years later.

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  • Local cuisine
Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Nature Reserves
  • Churches and monasteries
Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Hiking
  • Mountain bike