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Casa Bianca - accommodation in Cernei Valley, Herculane

Baile Herculane (Caras Severin) - Banat

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Casa Bianca - accommodation in  Cernei Valley, Herculane (Surrounding)

Casa Bianca - accommodation in  Cernei Valley, Herculane (Surrounding)

Cerna Valley - the world is wonderful, traveler can enjoy unparalleled natural beauty: fertile grasslands, where clear water coming out fragile threads, keys covered by forests, caves hidden bends, waterfalls, meadows embellished sunny meadows filled with flowers.

Here arises one of the most beautiful rivers in the Romanian Carpathians: Cerna.

Herculane - resort located on the Cerna River, near the narrow left the valley bordered on the east slopes of the impressive mountains and Suscu Domogled and west of the summit Mehadiei, the resort enjoyed a European reputation for learning both therapeutic hot springs, and for the beautiful surroundings.
Natural factors in Herculane are thermal mineral water (between 38 and 60 C) sulfur, chlorine, calcium, hypotonic thermal mineral oligomineral thermal mineral water chlorine.

-Cerna Valley National Park Domogled - In this area there are a variety of types of landscapes: steep limestone with black pine of Banat, canyons with streams with fluctuating flow, vegetation submediteraneana limestone peaks, extensive forests of beech age high alpine goals with juniper trees, mountain lakes, gorges and limestone cliff, isolated mountain hamlets, with subalpine meadows clints, unique in Romania thermal caves, springs thermo, endemism and rare flora and fauna, offers unique experience for all nature lovers.

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Wellness and fitness:
  • Massage
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