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Casa Tabacaru

Pestera (Brasov)

Mountain Accommodation Offer 2024

Casa Tabacaru guesthouse - an oasis of peace and comfort, at the foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountains, in the village of Pe?tera.
620 lei: / double room / night (Swedish buffet breakfast, buffet dinner included) (2 adults)

Children up to 3 years of age benefit free of charge.

Arrival (check-in) starts at 15:00, and departure (check-out) takes place until 11:00.

?? Located just 4 km from the town of Moieciu and 7 km from Bran, this unit is the perfect place for an escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

?? The property is equipped with a restaurant, own farm, children's playground, zipline, ping-pong table, sports field and conference room.

?? The location has 11 rooms, each with its own bathroom and terrace.

Casa T?b?caru guesthouse
?? Pe?tera village, Moieciu de Jos commune, Bra?ov county
?? 0730 964 789

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