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Vila Ritz - accommodation in Harghita Covasna, Tusnad

Baile Tusnad (Harghita) - Transylvania

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Vila Ritz - accommodation in  Harghita Covasna, Tusnad (Surrounding)

Vila Ritz - accommodation in  Harghita Covasna, Tusnad (Surrounding)

Lake St. Ana is a volcanic lake, the only such lake throughout Romania. It is situated in Harghita county, in massive Ciomatu, from left Olt, near Tusnad. Lake is located on the bottom of the crater of an extinct volcano called Ciomatu, Puciosu volcanic massif, where the most recent volcanic eruption in Eastern Carpathians, which occurred just a few tens of thousands of years (probably more recently now 42,000 years).

Saint Ana Lake is at an altitude of 946 m near circular in shape, like a painter's palette, has a length of 620 m and a maximum width of 460 m, an area of ??19.50 hectares and a maximum depth of 7 m Lake completes its water from rainfall only, with no springs. Water purity is close to that of distilled water, with only 0.0029 ml mineral. In water there is oxygen, which is why this is not no creature lives. Trophic capacity due to low lake water and lake bottom and emanations mofette by the crater walls.

Salt mine

Located 10 km from Sovata in Harghita county, salt mine is one of the largest salt mines in the country and Europe, its exploitation for hundreds of years constituting the source of income for locals, many of them working in mine now.

Red Lake
The largest natural mountain lake in Romania. It was formed by a crumbling flank of Mount Ghilcos. Its name comes from Red Creek crossing layers of red iron oxides and hydroxides.

Ice Cave
It is located in the mountain area Chibi neck.
The most important cavity of Piatra Mare, a crack developed on vertical ice cave has an opening of 50 m oriented north. Lowered the temperature inside the cave keeps low all year, even snow.

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