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Pensiunea Cerbul Apusean - accommodation in Apuseni Mountains, Motilor Country, Arieseni

Albac (Alba) - Transylvania

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Pensiunea Cerbul Apusean - accommodation in  Apuseni Mountains, Motilor Country, Arieseni (Surrounding)

Scarisoara-Cave is the largest ice cave in Romania, situated at an altitude of 1165 m over the age of 3000 years. The length of the cave is 720 m and 105 m. adancimeade block of ice has a volume of 50,000 cubic meters and a thickness exceeding 20 m.

Albac-Gorge near the village Albac, Albac Gorge nature reserve spread over about 35 hectares. Aries River Gorge are the work of eroded limestone Mare cuartitele dolomite and creating a very picturesque gorge sector.

Now considered a nature reserve, this including many underground cavities. 4 km long, these keys impress by height walls, the narrow portions and fast which made its river ford.

Keys Ordāncusei-span length of 2.5 km Ordāncusa valley, a left tributary of Dry Guard. The road up the valley is surrounded by walls Ordāncusa scale high-tapering so much that the road passes over four concrete bridges occupying the entire width of the valley. Host limestone caves walls, caves and portals. Here are 70 caves, caves and portals.

Cascada Vārciorog-is situated in the village area near the town Arieseni Vanvucesti at an altitude of 1090 m. a forest road about 4 km Vārciorog cascade leads to the national road 75, where there is an indicator. All the way along the valleys Vārciorog (tributary of White River) are accompanied by the yellow dot marking leading to the waterfall.

Waterfall itself has a height of 15 meters is a great beauty especially at high water. Nearby there is an old abandoned mine shaft.

Vārtop-Cave is situated in Alba, Bihor Mountains, near the hamlet of Stone House, at an altitude of 1200 meters.

The cave took its name from the plateau on which it is located, Vartop plateau. So called "vartoape" is dimples that are specific to karst areas. In the inside of the cave is a block of ice that has a volume of 1600 cubic meters.

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