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Casa din Vale - accommodation in Sibiu Surroundings

Vale (Sibiu) - Transylvania
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Casa din Vale - accommodation in  Sibiu Surroundings (Surrounding)

Casa din Vale - accommodation in  Sibiu Surroundings (Surrounding)

- Museum of icons on glass Sibiel - unique in the world through his collection of 700 icons
- Fortress Salgo Sibiel
- Sculpture camp "Glade Sun" from S?li?te
- Museums ethnographic village
- Fortified Saxon Churches
- Sibiu European Capital of Culture (2007) - with two Brukenthal and ASTRA (including the Village Museum - unique in the country in size and exhibits).
- The mountain resort P?ltini?

Sibiu steam locomotive museum - opened in 1994 and presents 35 steam locomotives, two steam cranes and two steam plows made ??between 1885 to 1958 plants in Romania, Germany, Sweden, USA and Austria.

"Like sleeping volcanoes, generation of steam locomotives are slumbering in Sibiu depot yard and looked longingly at the new generation goes whistling on rails."

P?ltini? (Hohe Rinne) is the oldest and highest mountain resort in Romania. In season white favorite ski lovers are January and February. Pure air of superior quality recommends this resort for relaxation and therapy in diseases such as asthenia, physical and intellectual overexertion, anemia, pulmonary sequelae, and growth deficiencies in children.

Reserve Iezerele Cindrelului houses in the complex that bears traces of glaciers copies bison, grouse, deer, bears and chamois.

The commune's territory River Mouth enjoys existence of several lakes whose beauty and economic importance to complement the picturesque places of settlement.

Cindrel Natural Park is a complex area of flora, fauna, geomorphological and hydrographic including smooth peaks and glacial.

On the salt from Ocna Sibiu is a complex of 15 lakes salted with salt concentration of 260 g / L. Inside swimming pool in Sibiu Ocna are three lakes, Horia (40 m), Hen (15 m) and Crisan (70 m) extremely valuable medically.

Lake Avram Iancu (Ocna Wilderness) (132.5 m) is considered the deepest lake in the country prison.
Also, Lake Brancoveanu (most salty lake resort 310 g / l), Lake Avram Iancu and Bottomless Lake (33 m) are declared monuments of nature.

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Wellness and fitness:
  • Heated swimming pool
Attractions and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Theme Parks and Water Parks
  • Nature Reserves
  • Museums and galleries
  • Artistic and historical sites
  • Spa
  • Churches and monasteries
Sport and activities in the surrounding area:
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Tennis
  • Skiing (downhill)
  • Shopping
  • Mountain bike