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Casa Victoria - accommodation in Prahova Valley

Breaza (Prahova) - Muntenia

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Holiday Casa Victoria - Breaza Prahova Valley - offers its guests accommodation spaces for resting and for organizing parties and family group for groups of children contained in a form of education, and type of team building activities , seminars and training courses for employees of private companies.

Casa Victoria holiday can rent fully turnkey, guests will be alone in the house and yard during the stay.

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+4.0744.709.125 +4.0344.142.126

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Structure and accommodation

Type: Guest House
Setting: Hills
Accommodation: Bedroom, Flat, Entire facility
Type of accommodation:
  • Room only
beds: 16
Closed: Always Open
  • Playground for children
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Barbecue in the yard
  • Terrace

Poiana Campina is in the southern part Breaza next to one one of the four main roads that link the economic and political centers of Transylvania and Romanian Country.

In Poiana Campina can be reached by car in DN1 Bucharest-Brasov, between Km 95.5 and Km 106.5 or train station Campina descent. Poiana Campina is at a distance of 90 km from Bucharest, Ploiesti 37 km and 25 km from Sinaia.

There are many places you can visit while you are in Breaza - Poiana Campina, and various ways to spend your free time. Here are some points of interest in the great tourist importance Breaza Prahova Valley.

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How to reach us

How to reach us:

Address: Str. Magura nr.734A - Poiana Campina107425 Breaza, Prahova

GPS Coordinates: Lat. 45.12308096 Lon. 25.70882320

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+4.0744.709.125 +4.0344.142.126

Do not forget to mention when you call.
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Casa Victoria - accommodation in  Prahova Valley (Profile)


Museums and monuments:
Nicolae Grigorescu Museum, former residence of the painter Nicolae Grigorescu;
Hasdeu Museum, built by Julia Hasdeu plans between 1893-1898;
Church of St Nicholas, was founded in 1777 by Prince Alexander Ypsilanti
Carpathian Hunting Museum, which exhibits trophies of various species of animals.
Mansion "Thomas Cantacuzino" located in the city's central park, being built by Thomas Cantacuzino back of the seventeenth century;
The church "Saint George" was built in 1830 by Nicholas slugerul Saegiu;
Monuments "honor the memory of ancestors" are raised by sculptor George brezean Tudor;
Monument of Beli-Breaza mouth is shaped like an obelisk with an eagle and was erected in memory of Romanian soldiers who died all the time for unifying the nation;
Monument to heroes of the Upper Breaza nipple was built in 1930 on the hill nipple at 743 m altitude.
"Old Women", any visitor Bucegi, regardless of where it comes from hearing and wanted to see at least once, strange shapes of rocks on the plateau known as "Old Women";
"Sphinx", as it is called because of its similarity with a human head (ie the Egyptian Sphinx), formed by wind erosion (due to wind), over a long period of time;
Cross Heroes, is a monument built between 1926-1928 on Mount Caraiman Romans to honor memory of fallen heroes in World War I;
Omu Peak, in northern massif, the highest point of Bucegi, being the eighth summit in Romania, with an altitude of 2505 m;
Ialomita Cave, is located on the right side of the Gorge Ialomita, about 10 km downstream, at an altitude of 1530 m is located about 100 m downstream of the front morena Ialomita, the absolute altitude of 1660 m;
Sport: the most Bucegi can practice winter sports, you can go trekking and can practice sports like climbing, mountain biking, with banners flying, kite (flying on skis), etc..


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